Maribel Vidal-Quadras

Shamelessly, without prejudice, in a joyful clatter, exciting, Maribel’s Vidal-Quadras painting appears like a colorful clamor away from style certainties. Diverse palettes meet, like a puzzle, to make a composition based on contrasts. Harmony of color and textures, provoke a language of contrast, from what it contracts and what it expands, hard wooden base against ethereal canvas, some almost transparent. With a mindful thinking eye around glaring colors to soft colors, it comes back, it shallows up and it generates again, it repeats itself with a joyful bunch, it crackles in the happiness’ surge of the pouring paint. To Maribel Vidal-Quadras, like Kandinsky, one of the Abstraction masters, form problem becomes a second priority in art. The original subject is color expression, which is translated in a violent discussion of light and shadow: brightness revolt that wants to remove and shake darkness veil.



Calle Reina Cristina 1, 5-1
08003, Barcelona
P: 93 319 8032