As an artist I have the need to be in contact and in harmony with nature which is the psychic and physical source of my work. In nature I find rhythms and structures that to me are like fabrics o nets that I relate with human body structures. The relation between trees ramifications with nervous or blood human system, spirals present in many places like the galaxies, cabbage leaves or daisy seeds. I’m interested with chaos within rhythms in the macro and micro-cosmos; in fire, water, air and earth elements; creation’s light which wraps everything. All are to me a metaphor for freedom, a reason for consideration, a pretext to let flow my fantasies and imagination.
I use form’s formal flow to design support shapes for my paintings. Between the support of geometric shape and color fluency, my research looks for to attain wholeness. So, I use materials formal opposition –with a wooden support and transparent fabric, solid matter and liquid paint- I want to manifest nature’s contrast and contradictions. To paint and to create for me is above all else a very strong spiritual need. It’s like breathing. It’s my own way to understand creation and get involved with it. It’s the path I take to decipher life’s mysteries and human myths.

Maribel Vidal-Quadras Cajiao
March 17th 2014



Calle Reina Cristina 1, 5-1
08003, Barcelona
P: 93 319 8032