Would you like to awaken your creative self? This is your workshop!

Custom made classes to different needs of the participants from a personal project, to any technique you need to improve. Also it’s not necessary to have any previous experience. It’s an invitation to enjoy freedom while creating, to allow imagination to emerge.

You will learn to explore different artistic techniques and process with drawing, painting, collage….

  • First step with mindfulness in drawing is to take contact with paper and pencil movement, consciously coordinating the eye with hand and the object to be drawn.

    Drawing is like writing, is to discover, it’s to find out about a new language of the right side of the brain which is specialized in sensations, feelings and visual space and sounds, like in music or visual arts. Drawing is a tool of observation, knowledge, exchange and representation of that which is around us or we can imagine. It’s a space where to investigate, to try, to fail, to learn and to evolve. To take in account the use of mark, proportions, tonal values, texture and composition.

  • Color brings to us a more intuitive and spontaneous element. There’s nothing better than color to express an emotion or a feeling. Color is a communication tool that transcends words as an answer to our deepest personal and universal feelings and experiences.
    A fan of multiple possibilities opens up as a medium of self-awareness when learning to develop a range of primary color shades and mixtures. Color is light, and in color translation to light to find hue, value and intensity in color, taking sources from traditional and contemporary artists.

  • Techniques such as pastel, ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil used as tools to experience to self-expression.

  • When looking at different artist works and to read about their own reflections and experiences as a reference to our own visual research. We will take time to visit temporary exhibitions in town.



Calle Reina Cristina 1, 5-1
08003, Barcelona
P: 93 319 8032